Student-Jason Skeels (High School 9-12)

  • Age
    • Easy use for technologically knowledgeable high school students
    • Some training for other students
    • Younger students will take a lot of training on the IPad
  • Motivation
    • Great source of motivation for students to "try something new"
    • Multiple applications and uses to keep students involved
    • Much more fun to read a book/news article on this instead from a textbook
    • Easy response of typing instead of writing for most students
  • Prior knowledge
    • Any use of a computer would help
    • Use of Apple programs/products (Ipods, Itunes, etc.)
    • Some training may be necessary for students and for staff
  • Learning Styles/SPED
    • Could be adapted to many different learning styles
    • Another tool to use in the classroom for an ever-changing student population
    • Could be used in a segregated classroom for SPED activities and lessons or in an inclusive classroom to assist SPED students.
  • Experience with Technology
    • Students must have some prior knowledge of computers and products of this sort
    • Over time experience will improve and students will grasp the IPad, especially with training
Time on Task
  • Flat design decreases off task behavior
  • Note taking would be easier and more enjoyable for most students
  • Use it as a privilege in your classroom to keep students on task
  • Could be used at different points in project, easy to evaluate for the teacher
  • Custom content for the class leaves the student no choice but to focus on the task at hand
  • Wireless headphones would help students focus
  • Could be done by all students through research, note-taking, or audio
  • Access to high-speed internet which may not take place at home
  • Real-time assessment (sent to the parents also)
  • Could take place outside the classroom with its portability (fieldwork, homework, field trips)
  • Could be shared by multiple students because of the large screen
  • Use for reading textbooks at different levels for different students (History, Science, etc.)
  • Used for note-taking on field trips
  • Could be used for reports, spreadsheets, and presentations using Apples iWork

The links posted on the homepage are a great demonstration of the capabilities of the IPad and how they influence learning in the high school classroom. With their portability and ease of use they could be beneficial in almost any subject area. They keep students on task, they are easy to use, light, and low maintenance. As a student I would love to carry something like an IPad from class instead of a textbook (or 4), notebooks, folders, and a planner. This would be much more enjoyable and I feel would help student achievement and behavior in the classroom.