SIG PROPOSAL: The New I-PAD from Apple


Teacher (Lea Arend)
  • What kind of Professional Development

  • Describe role (direct instruction, guide on the side, etc...)

  • Classroom Management(e.g. group structure)

  • Pedagogical Strategies

  • Administrative Tasks

  • Interaction with Parents

Student (Jason Skeels can focus on secondary students (9-12); Cynthia will focus on upper elementary and middle school students (grades 4-8)
Follow this link to Cynthia's google doc on these resources
  • Characteristics(age, motivation, prior knowledge, learning styles, SPED, experience with technology)

  • Time on task (consider when giving a project with lots of pieces)

  • Learning

  • Strategies

Subject Matter (Amanda McClure)
  • Big Idea

  • Common misconceptions

  • Connections to student world

  • Standards (21st century learning, NETS, National Curriculum standards)

Environment (Cheytoria Hickey)
  • Do students learn?

  • Culture/Atmosphere

  • School Environment (safe & orderly?)

  • Classroom Management (in Lab)?

Major Categories of Resources You Hope to Gather

these might include professional organizations, tech help forums, lesson plans, online articles and/or examples

I-PAD Videos and
I-PAD Discussion Forum

Interesting articles on the IPad in Education I have found so far
: benefits and weaknesses of the I-Pad in the classroom. involvement with the I-Pad makes the I-Pad so sweet! potential for the I-Pad in the classroom.,8599,1957291,00.html......more I-Pad info from Time Magazine, interesting article I came across.

Here are a few more resources:
Follow this link to my google doc on these resources

Here are more resources: - American Chiropractic Association
This article explains how an increase in childhood back pain may be the result of heavy backpacks.
Article detailing one school that would like to require clear or mesh backpacks for safety. - NCTM - Articles which support project based learning and computers in the classroom about iPad possible uses in the classroom (educator) - new technology -iPad in the classroom will enhance learning iPad classroom potential - pros and cons